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I want to place a combo box above an "Issue Status" column to filter the whole sheet based on the value selected from this column. Ideally, the combo box would have three options--"Open", "Closed", and "Any".

How can I go about doing this?

I tried the following code:

Private Sub ComboBox1_Change()
    Dim sFilter As String
    sFilter = ActiveSheet.DropDowns(Application.Caller).List(ActiveSheet.DropDowns(Application.Caller).Value)
    On Error Resume Next
    ActiveSheet.AutoFilterMode = False
    ActiveSheet.UsedRange.AutoFilter 1, sFilter
End Sub

However, this is throwing an error: Run-time error 1004: Unable to get the DropDowns property of the worksheet class.

Also, it is listing values several times in the combo box. For example, index 1 of the combo box = "Open", index 2 also = "Open", etc. I want to only display distinct values and filter based on that.

Is there a better approach to this? What am I doing wrong?

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Just use a filter, Data>Filter.

enter image description here

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As you can tell, I'm not very good with Excel. Is there a way to make the filter a drop-down box with only those options? The filter itself is more powerful and customizable, but I like the simplicity that a combo box offers. EDIT: Actually, nevermind. The person who originally set this spreadsheet up asked for a dropdown, but I see that the other filters are set up this way. Thank you! –  TimeBomb006 Nov 26 '12 at 15:26
@user1496816, you will always use the distinct data in your column. ;) Good luck with your sheet! –  t.thielemans Nov 26 '12 at 18:52

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