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I am learning TASM at University, but information regarding TASM on the web seems to be very limited. I have found more information on MASM.

My question is, what is the different between MASM and TASM?

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For what I have read in articles from matt pietrek TASM builds PE/COFF differently in couple cases, it shouldn't influence the functionality of the code though. Also those articles I have read may be now outdated. – Pyjong Nov 26 '12 at 15:49
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There aren't so much differences, but there are some. Check out this article: Look for 'ideal' mode; btw, TASM can work with MASM syntax.

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TASM = Turbo Assembler (a Borland product)

MASM = Macro Assembler (a Microsoft product)...often mistaken for "Microsoft Assembler"

In terms of raw assembly language, they should be virtually identical, as they both use x86 op-code instructions. The differences "should" be syntactic sugar.

An assembly tutorial that uses TASM:

ArtOfASM reference:

One example I could give is that both assemblers allow the use of "macros", which in some respects is similar to using methods in a higher level language. So you can write a section of assembly code, which accepts some arguments (usually these are set in the registers prior to calling your macro. the macro might be anything between a few lines, to a million lines of assembler...however you might call your macro in just one line...basically MASM and TASM have very small differences, but mostly the same goals, where code re-usability is important.

Its understandable that you cannot find much information on these anymore...they are fast diminishing. Assembly is a niche these days, and many of the old hats have moved onto things like C, C++, and other higher level languages.

You should try looking on YouTube...I can see many TASM tutorials on there...

...A86 assembler...very simple syntax but will compile 64K "" type files.

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