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    string targetPath = @"C:\Program Files\saadhvi\SetupSafetyPADUniversal\";
    string createDatabasesScriptFilePath = Path.Combine(targetPath, "\\EADBScripts\\CreateDatabases.sql");

i am getting the value of createDatabasesScriptFilePath is \EADBScripts\CreateDatabases.sql

but i expected it would be C:\Program Files\saadhvi\SetupSafetyPADUniversal\EADBScripts\CreateDatabases.sql

what is the wrong with my code?

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Remove the first \ from the string "\EADBScripts\CreateDatabases.sql"

I'm not completely sure of the reason, but a I guess Path.Combine wants as second parameter a relative path, and a relative Path does not start with a \.

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Here is why your code is returning the 2nd path (copied from MSDN help) -

If path2 does not include a root (for example, if path2 does not start with a separator character or a drive specification), the result is a concatenation of the two paths, with an intervening separator character. If path2 includes a root, path2 is returned.

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Remove the initial backslash from "\EADBScripts..." in the second argument.

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string targetPath = @"C:\Program Files\saadhvi\SetupSafetyPADUniversal\"; 
string createDatabasesScriptFilePath;
createDatabasesScriptFilePath= Path.Combine(targetPath, "EADBScripts\\CreateDatabases.sql");
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Thanks it is working –  Partha Sep 1 '09 at 11:19
Why down vote? comment please. –  AVD Jul 19 '12 at 1:21

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