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i have a Invoice form and a jquery function. In Invoice if i enter the quantity greater then the available quantity then i have to alert the user.

My problem is: Let the max quantity is 5, if i input data as 7 (single digit>max avail quantity) then my code is working fine. But if i enter two digigist number eg. 17(two digists>max avail quantity) then my alert box is not coming. I mean onkeyup my function is working only with single digit.

How can i make it happening? Please help.

    //problem is here
        var $tr = $(this).closest("tr");
        var unitprice = $tr.find('input[name^="unitprice"]').val();

        var q = $tr.find('input[name^="quantity"]').val();
        var cq = $tr.find('input[name^="checkquantity"]').val();

      alert("Error: Quantity value exceeds then available quantity..Max Quantity is "+cq);
          //this works fine only if single digit is entered in textbox quantity

         //----below are some other stuffs -these are working fine
        $tr.find('input[name^="sprice"]').val($(this).val() * unitprice); 
        var totalPrice = 0;
            totalPrice += parseFloat(this.value);
   // Form containing the above textboxes
        <input type="submit" id="submitbtnId" value="Save"/>`
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q > cq is comparing 2 strings, which is not what you want. You're trying to compare the numerical value of those strings.

Use this instead:

if ( +q > +cq)
    // alert your error

Note that by prefixing the variables with the + sign, you're converting them to a number.

Better yet, convert them to a number as soon as you get the values:

var $tr = $(this).closest("tr");
var unitprice = +$tr.find('input[name^="unitprice"]').val();

var q = +$tr.find('input[name^="quantity"]').val();
var cq = +$tr.find('input[name^="checkquantity"]').val();

if ( q > cq )
    alert("Error: Quantity value exceeds then available quantity..Max Quantity is " + cq);
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Thank you very much. –  Donkey Nov 26 '12 at 16:03

You need to use parseInt() to ensure you are comparing integers, not strings:

if (parseInt(q, 10) > parseInt(cq, 10)) {
    /* Rest of your code */
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Your values are compared as string. If you want to compare Numbers, either use:

parseInt() or parseFloat()


[..].val() * 1, but this will return 'NaN' if its no digit, while parseInt() and parseFloat() will return 0

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