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How can I get the image orientation (landscape or portrait) of an image (JPEG or PNG) in PHP?

I created a php site where users can upload pictures. Before I scale them down to a smaller size, I want to know how the image is orientated in order to scale it properly.

Thanks for your answer!

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that's not part of the jpg/png specs. they're just grids of pixels. you could check if the image is wider than it's taller, but that doesn't mean too much. EXIF data does contain orientiation data. – Marc B Nov 26 '12 at 16:00
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I've always done this:

list($width, $height) = getimagesize('image.jpg');
if ($width > $height) {
    // Landscape
} else {
    // Portrait or Square
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list($width, $height) = getimagesize("path/to/your/image.jpg");

if( $width > $height)
    $orientation = "landscape";
    $orientation = "portrait";
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Simple. Just check the width and height and compare them to get orientation. Then resize accordingly. Straight-forward really. If you are trying to maintain aspect ratio, but fit into some square box you could use something like this:

public static function fit_box($box = 200, $x = 100, $y = 100)
  $scale = min($box / $x, $box / $y, 1);
  return array(round($x * $scale, 0), round($y * $scale, 0));
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I suppose you could check if the Image width is longer than the length for Landscape and for Portrait if the Length is longer than width.

You can do that with a simple IF / ELSE statement.

You could also use the function: Imagick::getImageOrientation


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I use a generalized scaling down algorithm like . ..

   function calculateSize($width, $height){

            if($width <= maxSize && $height <= maxSize){
                $ratio = 1;
            } else if ($width > maxSize){
                $ratio = maxSize/$width;
                } else{
                    $ratio = maxSize/$height;

        $thumbwidth =  ($width * $ratio);
        $thumbheight = ($height * $ratio);

Here max size is the one I initialized to something like 120px for both height and width . . . so that the thumbnail does not exceed that size . . ..

This Works for me which is irrespective of landscape or portrait orientation and can be applied generally

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