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We have the problem that we have the open project files in our SVN like *.fla and *.psd. They are under Apache Subversion (i.e. in SVN repository) but we don't want them to be exported. We want a clean export without our open project files.

Is there a way to flag them somehow to prevent them from being exported?

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there is no such thing as export filter to my knowledge, but you can make a postexport script to remove files you dont want. Here is a ruby example:

#!/usr/bin/env ruby
require 'find'

Find.find(".") do |path| 
  if FileTest.file?(path) && path.match(/\.tmp$/i)
    puts 'removing %s' % path
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There is no way to tell Subversion to exclude certain files from an export because it operates under the (reasonable) assumption that all files in the repository are relevant to the building and usage of the project.

If you don’t want files to show up when a user does an export, then they shouldn’t be in the repository in the first place.

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