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i have a Adapter that extends BaseAdapter, i had mapped Items sucessfully but i wanted if the filename ends with ".php" it didn't show any data. i am using following code for this

    public View getView(int position, View convertView, ViewGroup parent) {
    View row=convertView;
    row = inflater.inflate(R.layout.custom_row_view, parent, false);

But this will leave that blank space in that listview.

Is there any way i made check on listView that it didn't mapped that data which name ends with ".php", don't want blank screen at this point.

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instead of doing this try eliminating the values from the object which you are using here to get the name (data.get(position)) –  G_S Nov 26 '12 at 16:08

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Since you're already extending BaseAdapter, in whichever methods you add items, go through them first and don't add the ones that you don't want.

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This is an array list of data that i am mapping on listView, and that data is fetching from online server. –  Zeeshan Chaudhry Nov 26 '12 at 16:11
Exactly, make a copy of the ArrayList in your adapter and remove the items that you want. –  dmon Nov 26 '12 at 16:13
O yes Clever...very Clever :) Let me try this, I think u got it right –  Zeeshan Chaudhry Nov 26 '12 at 16:15
Yeah it works man....thanks very Much :-) –  Zeeshan Chaudhry Nov 26 '12 at 16:30
Glad that worked out for you. –  dmon Nov 26 '12 at 18:29

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