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I have a text item on one of my plots, placed at a certain location, with a certain orientation:

th=text(x,y,'some text','HorizontalAlignment','right','rotation',rot);

Based on its position (get(th, 'Position')), or any other property, is there any way to compute the lower bound of its bounding box? I want to place another text just below it.

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You could use the Extent property. You will probably need to tweak the alignments depending on what you're after, but something like this:

th = text(x,y,'some text','HorizontalAlignment','right','rotation',rot);
ex = get(th,'Extent');
text(ex(1),ex(2),'Text Below')
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Oh, cool. Thanks! –  Mihai Todor Nov 26 '12 at 17:21

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