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Simple question. lets say I run the following:

$results = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM table");

How can I load the mysql results array into a PHP array without doing a while loop? Example:

$mysql_results = array();
$results = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM table");
$mysql_results = mysql_load_all_results_into_array($results);


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There is no such way...If it were You'd probably know of it... :-) – shadyyx Nov 26 '12 at 16:38
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PHP's mysql_ library does not offer a method to "fetch all" rows without looping through the results-object using mysql_fetch_row() (or similar).

You can, however, update your code to use the mysqli library which contains a method named mysqli_result::fetch_all to perform the task you desire. Alternatively, you could update to use PDO which contains a similar method named PDOStatement::fetchAll.

As the mysql_ methods are being deprecated, updating to mysqli (or PDO) is the recommended way to go regardless.

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You can't do that with mysql. You have to loop. You can do that with PDO

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$values = mysql_fetch_array($results);
but do check for success of your operation.... thus:
while ($values = mysql_fetch_array($result)) {
    $msg = "Array gotten successfully.";

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