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I am planning on developing a commercial databased web application. My first thought was Visual Studio 2012 Web Express combined with a MySQL database. I've installed the IDE, but there is no connector available to establish a connection with a MySQL database. I've installed the connector 6.6.4 from MySQL.com, which should enable the MySQL connector functionality inside Visual Studio 2012 Express...but actually it doesn't. To cut the long story...is it possible to develop a commercial product with VS2012 Express + MySql using the connector? Do I need a separate O/R-Framework, or does it come along with the .NET-Framework?


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I would not develop a commercial application without some kind of ORM; I wouldn't develop any application with a database-based data store without some kind of ORM.

Both Entity Framework and NHibernate will work.

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I don't have experience with MySQL, but since you are using the Express version of Visual Studio, any reason you are not using the free version of SQL Server (SQL Server 2012 Express) instead of MySQL ?

Do I need a separate O/R-Framework, or does it come along with the .NET-Framework?

The use of an O/R Framework is not mandatory.

I believe the Entity Framework now comes bundled by default with Visual Studio but there are others that are easy to download and use as well.

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Because we want to keep the costs at a minimum. If we go live with our application, we're going to need at least a standard version of sql server, which costs ~ 4000 bucks here in Germany. –  dominus Dec 4 '12 at 16:24

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