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So, I'm trying to get familiar with ERT, the unit-testing package in Emacs. I want to test macro expansion which uses gensym. I can make sure that gensym produces symbols with the same name, but they are not the same symbol, which causes failure. Below is the code to give you better idea:

(ert-deftest i-test-repreat ()
  "Tests the expansion of i-iterate macro, repeat driver."
  (require 'i-iterate)
    (macroexpand '(++ (repeat 100) (message "")))
    '(let* ((--0 0)) ;; `--0' is a result of a custom-made `gensym'
       (while (< --0 100)
         (incf --0)
         (message "")) nil))))

Here's the fail message:

(list-elt 1
  (list-elt 0
    (list-elt 0
      (different-symbols-with-the-same-name --0 --0))))

Fair enough, it is a different symbol, but it is expected to be so. How can I allow this to succeed?


This is what I could come up with so far:

(defun i/test-equals-ignore-gensym (a b)
  "Tests trees A and B for equality, but considers symbols
equal if their names are equal (this allows symbols generated
by `i-gensym' to pass)."
  (or (equal a b)
       ((and (null a) (null b)) t)
       ((and (consp a) (consp b))
        (and (i/test-equals-ignore-gensym (car a) (car b))
             (i/test-equals-ignore-gensym (cdr a) (cdr b))))
       ((and (symbolp a) (symbolp b))
        (string= (symbol-name a) (symbol-name b)))
       ((and (atom a) (atom b)) (eql a b))
       (t nil))))

(defun i/test-explainer-equal (a b)
  "Explains why `i/test-equals-ignore-gensym' failed."
  ;; TODO: Write our own explanation, this will trigger when
  ;; necessary, but will not always display the correct message.
  (ert--explain-equal-rec a b))
(put 'i/test-equals-ignore-gensym
     'ert-explainer 'i/test-explainer-equal)

(ert-deftest i-test-repreat ()
  "Tests the expansion of i-iterate macro, repeat driver."
  (require 'i-iterate)
    (macroexpand '(++ (repeat 100) (message "")))
    '(let* ((--0 0))
       (while (< --0 100)
         (incf --0)
         (message "")) nil))))

But I would be happier if there was a better way to do it.

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You can attack the problem differently: do not check whther the code is the one you expect, but instead only check whether the code behaves as you expect. I.e. run the (++ ...) expression and check the output.

BTW, the comparison you want to do on those chunks of code is called "equality modulo alpha-conversion" or just alpha equivalence

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You could compare the actual names with symbol-name.

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You can't call (symbol-name) on both the expected and actual values before passing them to ert? – Magnar Nov 26 '12 at 22:41

If you use make-symbol in your custom-made gensym, replacing make-symbol with intern helps you. So,

(flet ((make-symbol (&optional prefix) (intern prefix)))
  (macroexpand '(++ (repeat 100) (message ""))))

generates similar code with symbol --0 interned. This is enough to avoid your problem.

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