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I am looking for more documentation on the find() method in the folder class. I am getting mixed results with ...find(".pdf") and am looking for a reliable way to find pdf files in the folder.

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If you are getting too many results that aren't necessarily pdfs, maybe try further filtering the result set by checking that the file name extension ends in .pdf.

var files = myFolder.find(".pdf");
var pdfs = [];
for (var i in files) {
  var name = files[i].getName();
  var ext = name.substr(-4); // gets last 4 chars of the name
  if (ext == ".pdf") {
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The strange thing was I was not getting all the pdf files. I could not find any documentation on how the find() method worked so was not sure what was going on. I will probably just code around it looking at the extension like you suggest. Thanks – Jim F Nov 26 '12 at 19:09

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