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I've got an application with a unique database for each URL, similar to this answer: CakePHP - database config based on URL

That works fine, but I also need to run some console commands on each of the databases. I'd like to use parameters, so I would use something like this:

cake consoleCommand databaseConfig

Ideally, this would set the database to 'databaseConfig' for the entire application, then run the 'consoleCommand'. The problem I'm running into is that the DATABASE_CONFIG class is loaded and run before the consoleCommand is run. I've tried at that point to use things like $this->Model->setDataSpource in the console, but Model doesn't seem to be available in the console at that point either.

I've toyed with setting a config setting and just looking that up before accessing the models, but it won't work on __construct(), so I've had to tie it into all the before* methods. This seems a little bit of a kludge to me:

class AppModel extends Model


private function _before() {

    $conn = Configure::read('dbConnection');

public function beforeValidate($options = array()) {

public function beforeDelete($bool = true) {

public function beforeFind($queryData) {

public function beforeSave($options=array()) {


I'd appreciate any insight into this.

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