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I've noticed usages of <c:if ...> in one place of JSP code and <c:when ...> in the other. The things they do look the same for me. Are these two commands just aliases?

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<c:if is a simple if-clause. <c:when> has options for multiple if-clauses and an else clause. Compare:

<c:if test="${foo == 'bar'}">...</c:if>


   <c:when test="${foo == 'bar'}">...</c:when>
   <c:when test="${foo == 'baz'}">...</c:when>
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<c:if> doesn't support any kind of "else" or "else if" functionality. <c:when> does. So if you need something analogous to

if (some_condition) {
    // ...

then use <c:if>. If you need something analogous to

if (some_condition) {
    // ...
} else if (some_other_condition) {
    // ...
} else {
    // ...

then use <c:choose> with <c:when> and (optionally) <c:otherwise>.

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