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Recently I updated the cigame-plugin for Hudson to version 1.12. Now I recognized, that no build get points at the moment. The builds are SCM-triggered and the CI-game is activated for the project and the user. What is going wrong? How can I fix it?

EDIT: I have to correct, the update to the new version of the plugin isn't the problem. Looking through the build-history I can see, that after this update builds got a score. But at some point the builds are not longer scored. Nothing happened to hudson at this time, no restart, no reconfiguration etc. Simply SCM-changes came in and triggered builds.

EDIT 2: The ci-game-plugin counts a score for builds started manually, but not for builds started by changes in version-control. I have no idea why it behaves this way.

EDIT 3: Further investigation shows that I have this bug with the same stacktrace produced.

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This is so specific to the current state of the Hudson plugin ecosystem, I suggest you go directly to the users mailing list with the question, where the plugin developers can help you directly.

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