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Looking for a good way to present information hierarchy on a web application with at least 3 levels of information - no trees. any ideas?

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In VMware vSphere 5.1, we have implemented a web client that has largely done away with the tree view that was used in our previous native client. We found scalability issues with the tree implementation, since it's not uncommon for there to be 10,000 or more virtual machines in a vSphere environment (where a virtual machine is generally the bottom node of a tree). The centerpiece of the 5.1 web client user experience is the object navigator. You can see a couple of different walkthroughs of the new user experience in the following blog posts:

I say "largely done away with" because we have included access to the tree view to help users transition away from the tree view and into the new object navigator.

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The answer here may depend a lot on the scale of your data set, not just in terms of levels but in number of nodes in your hierarchy. If its not that big of data set you can easily just display it all at once.

Otherwise you will need some way to show just certain portions at a time. That probably involves just show the elements at one particular level / branch at a time and also providing some other visual guide as to where in the overall structure the user is viewing data at.

Here's a link that shows a few different ways on presenting hierarchical data. Though I imagine unless your a web graphics guru they might be difficult to implement. Treemap is probably the simplest of the one presented.


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