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As far as I could see, there is no built-in feature to manage SVN hooks in SVN itself. There are some ideas of course, such as another repository with hooks scripts, running an svn export to the hooks directory on commit, but how would you do it?

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I've got hooks managed by SVN in one of my repositories. This is not the same repository though; I've created second SVN repository to hold hooks for the first one. I was worried about breaking access to the main repo with a faulty commit.

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By fault commit, do you mean an error in a hook script that prevents commmit access to the repository? I've sidestepped the worry about breaking commit access to the main repository with an error in a hook script by skipping all policies in the hook script for one superuser. –  RjOllos Apr 20 '11 at 8:05

I think there is nothing wrong with making the hooks directory a subversion checkout. So after committing the hook, you merely have to svn up in the hooks directory, as the post-commit action.

I think it should also work to make the hooks directory a checkout of the very repository it is managing.

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