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I'm using DoctrineExtensions with StofDoctrineExtensionsBundle to get the soft-deleteable behaviour.

It works really well in the frontend of my application.

In the backend i need the option to "hard" delete entities.

I have disabled the filter in my admin controllers (i use SonataAdmin):

$filters = $this->getModelManager()->getEntityManager($this->getClass())->getFilters();

if (array_key_exists('softdeleteable', $filters->getEnabledFilters())) {

This works (soft deleted entities show up in the lists), but when i try to delete it, the entity does get soft-deleted again. How can i force a "hard" delete?

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You don't need to disable filter - it just used for filtering records on select. You must disable listener instead:

// $em is your EntityManager
foreach ($em->getEventManager()->getListeners() as $eventName => $listeners) {
    foreach ($listeners as $listener) {
        if ($listener instanceof \Gedmo\SoftDeleteable\SoftDeleteableListener) {
            $em->getEventManager()->removeEventListener($eventName, $listener);

and then call

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How do you re-enable it after this? – Jessica May 28 '14 at 17:17
@Jessica, you can use addEventListener… – Dmitriy May 29 '14 at 11:34
Thanks very much, what I did was store the names of any events I did remove it from, then loop through those and re-add it. – Jessica May 29 '14 at 13:58

Not the most graceful way : you always can do a real delete with SQL, it will bypass softdeletable

$em->createQuery("DELETE MyEntity e WHERE e = :et")->setParameter('et',$entity)->execute();
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Although this question is a bit old maybe it is useful to someone:

Creating your own event listener might be a better solution:

class SoftDeleteableListener extends BaseSoftDeleteableListener

 * @inheritdoc
public function onFlush(EventArgs $args)
    $ea = $this->getEventAdapter($args);
    $om = $ea->getObjectManager();
    //return from event listener if you disabled filter: $em->getFilters()->disable('softdeleteable');
    if (!$om->getFilters()->isEnabled('softdeleteable')) {



And adding in your config:

    class: AppBundle\EventListener\SoftDeleteableListener
        - { name: doctrine.event_subscriber, connection: default }
        - [ setAnnotationReader, [ @annotation_reader ] ]


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