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I right-click on the project > Add > New item > Data > and I can't see the template for ADO.NET Entity Framework, it is not there?

I can see in the NuGet installer that Entity Framework is installed. I run Windows 8 and Visual Studio 2012 pro.

Any suggestions?

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It should be there - it's called the "ADO.NET Entity Data Model"

It adds a .edmx file for database-first.

If you're doing code-first, just write the model and add a connection string in your config file.

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I know, but the solution was not there. The solution is to repair visual studio 2012. Now it works – rubin Nov 26 '12 at 18:57

In VS2012 you have to install "Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools" or "Microsoft Web Developer Tools" to get EF tooling

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Your solution works for me XD – User2012384 Jan 15 at 8:51

The solution is to repair Visual Studio 2012, something got wrong in the installation.

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