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I am trying to add google's recommended mobile sitemap header on to my page, which is:

<urlset xmlns=""


If I use this (C#):

sitemap.WriteStartElement("urlset", "");

it produces the following xml:

<urlset xmlns="">

If I do it with prefix:

sitemap.WriteStartElement("mobile", "urlset", "");

Then I get the following:

<mobile:urlset mobile:xmlns="">

How can I achieve this?:

<urlset xmlns=""
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What's the type of the sitemap object? – Candide Nov 26 '12 at 19:27

Looking at the API the sitemap object appears to be XmlWriter. To write your custom namespace use the following:

sitemap.WriteStartElement("urlset", "");
sitemap.WriteAttributeString("xmlns", "mobile", string.Empty, "");
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Thanks @Candide ... I was able to resolve from your help, but had to tweak it a little. This is how i got it working:

sitemap.WriteAttributeString("xmlns", "");
sitemap.WriteAttributeString("xmlns:mobile", "");

this outputs on xml as:

<urlset xmlns="" xmlns:mobile="">
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