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I have 3 tables that form a many to many relationship as illustrated in the following image.

enter image description here

How can I save an entry in the UsersByCompanies table between company number 1 and user number 2, following the following rules:

  • when we create a new entry between a user and a company, the IsEnabled attribute in UsersByCompanies must be set to 1 and any other rows where Companies.CompanyCode = 1 and Users.IDNumber = 2 must have their IsEnabled Attribute set to 0.
  • The DateCreated attribute in the new row must have the current date.
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Sounds like you need an Insert Trigger and some default values: When you insert into UsersByCompanies, use a Default Value on the IsEnabled column, and set an insert trigger function to perform an update to reset the IsEnabled attributes as you require. Likewise, use a default value of getdate() for the DateCreated attribute.

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