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What is the equivalent statement in Dart for the Node Express code:


as in

console.log("Express server listening on port %d in %s mode", app.address().port, app.settings.env);

I've looked at ArgResults but I'm not clear as to how to use it.

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From the express documentation:

env - Environment mode, defaults to process.env.NODE_ENV or "development"

The problem boils down to accessing environment variables, which has been addressed here: Access to user environment variable

import 'dart:io';

main() {
    String env;
    if (Platform.environment.containsKey("DART_ENV")) {
        env = Platform.environment["DART_ENV"];
    } else {
        env = "development";

ArgResults just parses command-line arguments, which is likely not what you want. Use ArgParser instead.

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Thanks for the answer and the link. –  basheps Nov 27 '12 at 16:26

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