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Im using horizontal radio buttons in jQuery mobile:


When you make the fieldset horizontal the style changes and the round 'selected' bit goes away. Can this behavioral be disabled so it users the normal jQuery mobile styling?

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Yes, but not in a easy way. This much I can remember. I don't have an example with myself, also don't want to rewrite it again.

First, what you need is a firebug plugin (or something similar) for Firefox or Chrome.

I. Horizontal radiobuttons have a disabled span used for round selection img. Enable it by giving it a display: block-inline (in that case give other div the same property, this will allow them to be in line, in other case they will overlap) or give both of them display: block; a float them to the left (don forget position: relative) .

I am talking about this:

<span class="ui-btn-text">List</span>
<span class="ui-icon ui-icon-radio-off ui-icon-shadow"> </span>

Top one is a text span and bottom one is an icon holder. Bottom one is disabled (display: none;) in case of horizontal group.

II. Second thing, on click/select prevent background color change. This will leave you with horizontal version of vertical radiobutton control group.

Hope this helps.

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