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I am trying to use to test a project I wrote in Mono on OSX. I wannt good way to run the tests in MonoDevelop or at least a way to create a test suite and run these tests from a main method of the project. Has anyone tried doing this? I remember in NUnit I would be able to create test suites and run them myself but I am not able to figure out how to do the equivalent in

Let me know if anyone has found a good way to run tests without using a runner in or a better way to run tests in OSX MonoDevelop.

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You can run your tests using xunit gui (use mono xunit.gui.flavor from terminal) - I'm not aware of an xunit addin for MonoDevelop that could integrate an xunit test runner into the MonoDevelop IDE (another reference:

To debug your unit tests, you can attach the debugger to the xunit gui. To make this simpler, you can customize the projects run configuration:

It's a decision you have to make whether you want to jump through a few hoops to use xunit or just use NUnit that's integrated well with the platform.

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