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Im having trouble with the following:

"Shift Remainder register left setting rightmost bit to 0"

My attempt: lui $s0, 1 # Shift Remainder register left by 1 bit

or should it be 1*4 = 4 instead of 1 for offset?

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Do you have an instruction set reference? lui is Load Upper Immediate, it doesn't shift the register, it shifts the immediate, and by 16 bits. So lui $s0, 1 just loads 0x00010000 into $s0.

To shift left, you can use the sll instruction, such as sll $s0, $s0, 1

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prompt_devident: .asciiz "\n Enter your Devident :\n "
prompt_devider: .asciiz "Enter your Devider :\n "
print_quotient: .asciiz "Your quotient is : "
print_reminder: .asciiz "\n Your Reminder is: "

.globl main

l4: la $a0, prompt_devident
li $v0,4

li $v0,5        
move $t0,$v0        

la $a0, prompt_devider        
li $v0,4        

li $v0,5        
move $t1, $v0        

ori $t2,  $zero,0        
ori $t3,  $zero,0        
ori $t4,  $zero,0        
ori $t5,  $zero,32        

loop: sll $t2,$t2,1
bgez $t0,l1
ori $t2,$t2,1

l1: sll $t0,$t0,1
subu $t3,$t2,$t1
bgez $t3,l2

l3: addi $t4,$t4,1
beq $t4,$t5,next
j loop

l2: move $t2,$t3
ori $t0,1
j l3

next: la $a0, print_quotient
li $v0,4

    move  $a0,$t0               
    li    $v0,1            

la $a0, print_reminder            
li $v0,4            

    move  $a0,$t2               
    li    $v0,1            
j l4            

li $v0, 10            
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