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I have an Internet Radio and to be honest I went through almost everything to get how can I actually make a Streaming android application and what i should use for that .. no use .. not a single useful information ..

can anyone help me ?

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This is most commonly done with Shoutcast/Icecast HTTP streaming to a MediaPlayer component contained in a Service.

NPR has open-sourced their app, and it's a great reference application for radio.

Note: Shoutcast streaming is currently broken in Google TV, so your app will not work on those devices unless you choose another protocol.

If you wish to only support android 3+ (including Google TV) you can also try streaming over HLS HTTP. This protocol is much less commonly used for radio, though.

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thanks man .. you really helped me .. // i found a really good and simple code too… – Ahmed Akour Nov 26 '12 at 20:51

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