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I have the following situation:

<div class="a">
<div class="b">
<ul class="c d">
<ul data-category="Z">
<...some informations/>
<ul data-category="G">
<..some informations/>

I need to store the value contain by data-category and everything that each ul data-category contains. How to parse this? I did:

String string_r=null;
Elements elems = doc.select("div.b");
for (Element div:elems)
Elements div1= div.select("ul.b c");
for (Element vall1:div1)

If I am printing the text values after the first for I receive a huge text with everything where div.b is found. But in this case the string is null. Can someone please help? Thx

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You can try this tuts, It might help you to understand in parsing HTML Click Here

Parsing DIV

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