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offers.date = CURDATE() 

I what I currently have.

It grabs offers for today, but I also would like to grab the orders for yesterday.

How can I do this, without specifying the yesterday's date?

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To use CURDATE minus or plus a interval (e.g. yesterday) you can use the DATE_ADD function


So, in your case you use it like this:

WHERE offers.date = CURDATE() OR offers.date = DATE_ADD(CURDATE(), INTERVAL -1 DAY)
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Building on @edwardmp's answer, I find this syntax slightly more readable than using DATE_ADD():

current_date() - interval 1 day

Also I would use IN instead of OR to make it easier to combine this with the rest of your where clause without having to worry too much about parentheses:

WHERE offers.date in (current_date(), current_date() - interval 1 day)
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Seems to me like it would be simpler to just say the following

WHERE offers.date >= CURDATE() - INTERVAL 1 day
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