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The script that I am using has a variable named SourceIP. I have some static lists of IP Ranges for VPN Pools. How can I set up a searching logic to determine in which IP Pool the Source IP resides?

Here are the example details:

SourceIP =

VPNpool1 = -

VPNPool2 = -

Normally when I want to see if an value is in a list of values I use If VARIABLE contains ITEM1,ITEM2,ITEMn. This method won't work for VPN Pool ranges because I would have to list out every IP. I am hoping someone knows how I can make this work.

Perhaps something like:

If SourceIP in VPNPool1 


MsgBox The SourceIP is from VPNPool1


If SourceIP in VPNPool12


MsgBox The SourceIP is from VPNPool2




MsgBox The SourceIP is not in a VPNPool.

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Try this. Make sure you have the latest AutoHotkey version which supports objects.

IP := ""
Start := "" 
End := ""
if InIPRange(IP, Start, End)
    msgbox yes
    msgbox no

InIPRange(strIP, strStart, strEnd) {

    arrIPRanges := {}
    loop, parse, strStart, .
        arrIPRanges[A_Index, A_LoopField] := A_LoopField        
    loop, parse, strEnd, .
        arrIPRanges[A_Index, A_LoopField] := A_LoopField
    loop, parse, strIP, .
        if arrIPRanges[A_Index].MinIndex() > A_LoopField
            return false
        if arrIPRanges[A_Index].MaxIndex() < A_LoopField
            return false
    return true
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I can't seem to vote you up, but this seems to work. Now I get to figure out how. Thanks for the direction. – user1854504 Nov 30 '12 at 20:46
@user1854504 To vote, you may need more reputation points. You can earn some points by marking a question as solved. – NbdNnm Nov 30 '12 at 23:20

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