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I have an Excel file that I want to split into several files (Word, PDF is also good), based on content. The content is somewhat like this:

Person  Fase  Date       Item  Text
A       1     01-01-2012 Z     Lorem ipsum
A       2     01-02-2012 X     Lorem ipsum
B       1     02-01-2012 Y     Lorem ipsum
C       2     01-01-2012 Z     Lorem ipsum

I want Word/PDF documents with names like


And as content the date, item and text. Idealy in a table layout. Any hints/ clues on how to get there? It's about 700 clients, with up to 300 Excel entries each.

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A trick I have used in the past was to create HTML documents, replacing the tab delimited file by an HTML table. This HTML file can be opened by MS Word, and maybe even renamed to .docx, even though it is HTML.

Another way to do it is to use VBScript and build proper Office documents.

Download ofhtml9.exe from http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/office/aa155477(v=office.10).aspx for more info. There are some proprietary attributes to format the HTML files for Office.

Good Luck!

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