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I have two dependencies in my pom called A and B. Both A and B have a transitive dependency on an artifact C (cassandra-all). A and B use difference versions of C. Dependency A is the artifact astyanax.

I want to keep the Version of C that comes with B. I accomplished by adding an exclusion in A (Astyanax) for C.

Unfortunately, I want the scope of B to be 'test'. This means that with the exclusion in A, C will not be included outside of the test scope.

How can I resolve this? Can an exclusion be for a specific scope only? Alternatively, can I specify which version to use for a transitive dependency?

Here is what my pom looks like:

Artifact A (astyanax) with exclusion of dependency on Artifact C (called cassandra-all)


So concretely: how can I include cassandra-all when I run code outside of the test scope and still keep the scope of cassandraunit test only?

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The question and answer might be clearer and maybe more generally useful if you list out declaration of dependency B in the pom too –  Crowie Aug 7 '13 at 12:32

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I apologize if my question wasn't as clear as it could have been. The way I resolved this wasn't hard at all:

  • I added a separate dependency for C in my pom
  • I kept the exclusion of C in A

Concretely here, I just added:


and also the following dependency that was missing at runtime otherwise.

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I am not sure I understood everything, but, in any case, you should be able to achieve this with profiles.

In your pom, create a profile A in which you add your dependency A with exclusion of B and a profile B in which you'll have a dependency with exclusion of A.

On runtime, depending on which of the profile you have selected you'll include one or the other.


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