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I am working with express and socket.io. I have some req.session variables I wish to access from within socket.io. I read this post on socket.io and session and I am still very confused as to how I can get a req.session variable.

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Note that the answer you've mentioned is for an older version of socket.io. Perhaps take a look at this answer instead. Can't say if it still applies personally, as I don't use socket.io. You can also read about authorization on the socket.io wiki. –  numbers1311407 Nov 26 '12 at 20:43
thank you @numbers1311407 –  ThomasReggi Nov 26 '12 at 21:42

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One way to accomplish this is by using your session store from inside your socket - which will have your all you session variables. This is how I do an authorization (compare cookie ID with session ID from database).

io.set('authorization', function (data, accept) {

    if (data.headers.cookie) {

        data.cookie = utils.parseCookie(data.headers.cookie);
        data.sessionID = data.cookie['connect.sid'].split('.')[0].substring(2);

        sessionStore.get(data.sessionID, function (err, session) {
                // now you have all session variables
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