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I just started looking at scribe for authentication with social networks such as twitter/facebook etc. I am using the example for twitter as reference. However, I don't seem to get oauth_verifier from twitter for some reason (even though the callback is registered through the service builder - I am using localhost in the callback as it worked with another social api). Any helpful suggestions would be quite welcome. thanks in advance.

OAuthService service = new ServiceBuilder()

        //get the token
        Token requestToken = service.getRequestToken();

        String authUrl = service.getAuthorizationUrl(requestToken);"authurl::" + authUrl); // not getting the oauth_verifier

Debug output from scribe (I changed the token info):

setting oauth_callback to http://localhost/oauth/twitter
generating signature...
base string is: POST&
signature is: +mSqKJIC1Q0pMEFs/gIJViF7kbg=
appended additional OAuth parameters: { oauth_callback -> http://localhost/oauth/twitter , oauth_signature -> +mSqKJIC1Q0pMEFs/gIJViF7kbg= , oauth_version -> 1.0 , oauth_nonce -> 607134093 , oauth_signature_method -> HMAC-SHA1 , oauth_consumer_key -> AAACCCV6ASDFGHJCgYBCD , oauth_timestamp -> 1353965859 }
using Http Header signature
sending request...
response status code: 200
response body: oauth_token=itJrpOP3KLeD7Ha6oy0IRr4HysFut5eAOpIlj8OmNE&oauth_token_secret=X8LmhAUpvIkfEd7t7P1lvwwobC3JJIhUabcEs0Rn5w&oauth_callback_confirmed=true
obtaining access token from
setting token to: Token[itJrpOP3KLeD7Ha6oy0IRr4HysFut5eAOpIlj8OmNE , X8LmhAUpvIkfEd7t7P1lvwwobC3JJIhUabcEs0Rn5w] and verifier to: org.scribe.model.Verifier@55ac8c3d
generating signature...

Update: I am able to receive the oauth_verifier now. I will update this post once I am done testing.

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pilot error mostly. I was able to get oauth working with twitter using scribe. After getting the service, the request Token from the service & then the authorizationUrl from the service (while passing in the request token), I was able to redirect to the authorization URL. Once there, I was able to authenticate myself against twitter using my twitter ID which redirected me to the callback URL specified when I created the service. Upon authentication, I received the oauth_verifier which I was able to use to create the verifier & then receive the access token from the service using the verifier and the request token. Then the oauth request was made & signed which resulted in the response from twitter with the user details. Worked. Hope it helps.

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