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I use mouse events in Script# with ElementEvent argument. But I can not find WheelDelta property in this argument for onmousewheel event. How is it possible to use this property?

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I solved my problem by introducing following type and method (using Script# 0.7.5):

public static class Global
    [IntrinsicProperty, ScriptAlias("e.wheelDelta")]
    public static int WheelDelta
        get { return 0; }

And in onmousewheel event I just paste Global.WheelDelta where I wanna access to wheelDelta.

For more latest releases of Script# (>= 0.8) one should replace Imported with ScriptImport and IntrinsicProperty with ScriptField.

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I'd say thats a reasonable stop-gap solution. Real solution would be to update the ElementEvent (or potentially a new derived MouseEvent class) itself to include the property in the first place... and then submit a pull request. – nikhilk Dec 1 '12 at 17:41
@NikhilK, I understand. I'll submit a pull request later. – KvanTTT Dec 1 '12 at 18:28

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