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How can you maintain the links in your pdf fileA which contains links to itself in the fileB which includes FileA?

FileA has internal links to itself. I include it to FileB by Pdfpages such that

This is in FileB

\includepdf[linktodoc=true, link=true]{fileA.pdf}

I have tested the following options unsuccessfully


I am reading this tutorial.

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2 Answers

According to the documentation you linked to, with the link option, you have to link to the inserted pages by their given link names - <filename>.<page number>. If you have a look at this demonstration, you can see some explicit examples of doing this, as well as using linktodoc functionality.

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I get the following response from the creator of Pdfpages, A. Matthias.

This is a feature that cannot be implemented on the macro level. It would have to be implemented in the pdftex, xetex, etc. code itself.

On CTAN you find a Java program called `pax' that can extract and reinsert some kind of links (but not all).

So there is work to be done in PDFpages.

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