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String x = "1 -7 2";
String y = "-2 2 1";



We'll use x's first number which is negative or positive, y's first number ...

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What have you tried? – Rohit Jain Nov 26 '12 at 20:49
Those three languages are really different... – effeffe Nov 26 '12 at 20:49
Please post the code you have so far and explain what is not working as you expect. – hmjd Nov 26 '12 at 20:49
The magic comes with the split function... – rekire Nov 26 '12 at 20:50
So use language-agnostic tag, not some random tags. – effeffe Nov 26 '12 at 20:53
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This should do:

String[] splitX = x.split(" ");
String[] splitY = y.split(" ");

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In Java you can use the Scanner class.

String integers = "1 -4 3";
Scanner sc = new Scanner(integers);

Look it up in the javadocs :)

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Just a rough sketch

  • split both strings at white space into arrays
  • loop over these two arrays and merge them one by one
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For Java:

You can split each of your strings using the split method and then you have an array of each that you can print out the corresponding characters from each array.

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In java use directly split function on space " "

In c use strtok on space ' ' and put those into 2 array of integers and just loop over it. for odd iterations first array for even iterations 2nd array and print those numbers

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This deals with cases where x and y are not of the same size

    String x = "1 -7 2";
    String y = "-2 2 1";

    // Split the strings
    String[] xSplit = x.split("\\s+");
    String[] ySplit = y.split("\\s+");

    // Loop through them
    for (int i = 0; i < xSplit.length; i++) {
        System.out.print(xSplit[i] + " ");

        if (i < ySplit.length)
            System.out.print(ySplit[i] + " ");

    // Print more y if needed
    for (int i = xSplit.length; i < ySplit.length; i++) {
        System.out.print(ySplit[i] + " ");

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simple way to do it in C:

char * x = "1 -7 2";
char * y = "-2 2 1";
int xs[3], ys[3];

sscanf(x, "%d %d %d", xs, xs+1, xs+2);
sscanf(y, "%d %d %d", ys, ys+1, ys+2);

printf("%d, %d\n%d, %d\n%d, %d\n", xs[0], ys[0], xs[1], ys[1], xs[2], ys[2]); 
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