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I have a bunch of IDs I need to store in a Redis list. This is straight forward. The IDs are simply unsigned integers. After a few hours, I need an ID to expire in the list. Currently I don't see a way of doing this as you can only set an expiry time on an entire key, and not an element within a list.

What are some solutions/work arounds for this using Redis?

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Are the IDs unique? If so, then you can use a SORTED SET instead of a LIST (which is better anyway in this case, regardless of the hack I'm just about to describe).

Then, use a Unix time as the score of each item. The items will still not be deleted automatically, but you can run some worker that deletes old items from time to time (use ZRANGEBYSCORE to sort for certain ranges), and anyway, in your client code, you can check the score of the item you extract and validate that it has not (logically) expired.

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