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I have the following HTML that I want to repeat 5 times within a div container (.container).

<div class="block">
   <div class="name">Name</div>
   <div class="content>Content</div>

I have the following object literal:

var main_content = {
    "content_1": {
        "name": "Joe",
        "position": "Baker"
    "content_2": {
        "name": "Jane",
        "position": "Waitress"
     "content_3", etc

I want to clone the top HTML and for each block, change the name and content to its respective object literal item. So I want the output of the HTML to look like below. How can I do this?

<div class="block">
   <div class="name">Joe</div>
   <div class="position>Baker</div>
<div class="block">
   <div class="name">Jane</div>
   <div class="position>Waitress</div>
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Have you tried anything yet? If not, I'd say bust open jsfiddle and give it a shot! – lbstr Nov 26 '12 at 21:37
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This should be relatively easy using jQuery. Will this work for you?

for(var i in main_content)
    var name = main_content[i].name,
    position = main_content[i].position,

    template = $('<div class="block">\
                      <div class="name">'+name+'</div>\
                      <div class="position">'+position+'</div>\


Please see the working jsFiddle demo here >

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dont append to the DOM in a loop:

var block, resultHtml = '';
for(block in main_content){
  resultHtml += '<div class="block"><div class="name">' + main_content[block].name + '</div><div class="position">' + main_content[block].position + '</div></div>'
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Interested in your argument against appending to the DOM inside a loop? – BenM Nov 26 '12 at 22:42
performance, see this: – hereandnow78 Nov 27 '12 at 12:19

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