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I am trying to develop app frame with below features Goal is to develop an universal screen flow that starts with a uiview similar to weather app and upon flip it loads uitabbar controller based view. and for iPad tabbar items should have split view attached to it.

An Universal Application - has a window and switch view controller (UI view controller) Based on device - switches main window as usual on iPhone - switch view controller for iphone has 2 view controllers such as settingsVC and systemVC - by default it loads the settings VC and - upon button click it flips to systemVC (similar to weather application) - systemVC has a tabbar controlled added to its view - this portion works fine

on iPad - i have a similar flipable screen with 2 VCs - now on systemVC have a uiview - i am adding a tabbarcontroller to its subview using IB and outlet

problem is half of uitabbar gets hidden below the screen. i tried changing values on IB nothings seems to work.

Just wanted to know, if I am on the right track and what could possibly be wrong.

I would highly appreciate any tips or concerns.

Thanks and Good Day!


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I got it fixed. - Set the main window and switch view to full screen and nothing attached at top or bottom such as status bar, nav bar etc., - because it got redefined at the bottom most layer. hope it helps. – Siva Boju Nov 26 '12 at 22:23

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