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I am dealing with a relatively large project, and up until this point building has been done in a NAnt build script. Recently a small portion of development was done in ruby, and is built using a rake file. I would like to create a NAnt target that will call the rakefile. Current set-up in the NAnt build: (Note that the rakefile is in a different directory from the NAnt script)

<property overwrite="false" name="project.rootdirectory" value="${project::get-base-directory()}" />
<property overwrite="false" name="rake.exe" value="rake.bat" />

<target name="callrake">
    <exec program="${rake.exe}" verbose="true">
        <arg value="build:foo" />
        <arg line="-f ${project.rootdirectory}/../pathtorakefile" />

The error that I recieve when I run nant callrake is:

[exec] ruby.exe: No such file or directory -- c:/pathtoNAntscript/rake (LoadError)
External Program Failed: rake.bat (return code was 1)

Ruby and rake are installed, and the Ruby bin is in the path variable. Not sure why NAnt cant seem to call rake.

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This issue is solved by calling cmd.exe and passing it the rake command as text:

<exec program="cmd.exe" verbose="true">
    <arg line="/c ${rake.exe} build:foo" />
    <arg line="-f ${project.rootdirectory}/../pathtorakefile/Rakefile.rb" />
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