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I am new to Android programming and my first app has to do with a Wikia page. The current way that I have it set up right now my app will pull a list of the categories and put them in a listview for the user to click. Once the user clicks it redirects them to the mobile page for the category/item that they chose.

I was wondering is this good practice for an app to redirect to the mobile site, or should I find a way to pull the info from the site into my app? Is either way better than the other? Please give me as many opinions as you have good or bad, I want to know so I can make this the best that I can.

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Theee is no need to redirect the user to the browser or a webView since you can parse the data with the WikiMedia API You can also checkout the official Wikipedia Android App from Github, but it's not an native Android app(It's build with phonegap)

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Oh ok thank you for that, I wasn't aware that I could pull the data with the WikiMedia API. When I figure out how to do this do you know if it just pulls XML data that I would have to convert, or would it pull the actual text where I could load it into a string to display? and like-wise with images? Thank you again! – user1854824 Nov 26 '12 at 23:04

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