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What's the programmatic equivalent of the perl debugger's x command?

IOW, what's the function x such that the line

print x( $myvar );

in a Perl script will result in output with the same format as that produced by

DB<2> x $myvar

in the perl debugger?

(NOTE: I'm aware of Data::Dumper, and it is not what I'm looking for; IOW, I'm explicitly ruling it out; D::D's formatting differs from that produced by the debugger's x, and I prefer the latter.)

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I believe you are looking for the routines in dumpvar.pl, which you will find in the same directory as your perl5db.pl file (cf. perldoc -l perl5db.pl).


require "dumpvar.pl";
dumpValue( { foo => 123, bar => "qwerty" } );


'bar' => 'qwerty'
'foo' => 123
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a) no need for fullpath to dumpvar.pl; b) no need for print, either. perl -e 'require "dumpvar.pl"; dumpValue({foo=>123,bar=>"qwerty"})' works. –  Tanktalus Nov 26 '12 at 23:30
Thanks, @Tanktalus –  mob Nov 26 '12 at 23:57

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