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I am looking for a way to find the most frequent words in a text and I am using R. by most frequent, I mean words which their low frequency are 1% of the words in the corpus. So I need to calculate the number of words in a corpus.

Here is my code, so far:

twittercorpus <- system.file("stream","~/txt", package = "tm")
twittercorpus <- Corpus(DirSource("~/txt"),
                        readerControl=list(languageEl = "en"))
twittercorpus <- tm_map(twittercorpus, removeNumbers)
twittercorpus <- tm_map(twittercorpus,tolower)
twittercorpus <- tm_map(twittercorpus,removePunctuation)
my_stopwords <- c(stopwords("SMART"))
twittercorpus <-tm_map(twittercorpus,removeWords,my_stopwords)
mydata.dtm <- TermDocumentMatrix(twittercorpus)

I need something like:

freqmatrix <-findFreqTerms(mydata.dtm, lowfreq=rowSums(mydata.dtm)/100)
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if you look at str(mydata.dtm) there is a named component called nrow. Use that:

freqmatrix <- findFreqTerms(mydata.dtm, lowfreq=mydata.dtm$nrow/100)
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