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I have a gridview and inside the gridview, I have a label and when the user clicks on that label, I invoke a javascript function. I passw few values from that label to javascript function. If the values has apsotrphe in it. It generates an error and does not invke javascript function. Below is my code.

        <label style="text-decoration: underline" onclick="javascript:GetSelectedRow('<%# Eval("ID") %>','<%# Eval("systempath") %>','','',1);"><%#Eval("ID") %></label> 

and the javascript function is

function GetSelectedRow(id, systempath, x, x, rowIndex) { 

    var label = document.getElementById('<%=lbl_ID.ClientID %>'); 

    label.innerText = mclid + "|" + systempath; 
    document.getElementById('<%=hdnlblID.ClientID %>').value = id + "|" + systempath; 

    return false; 

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Try this

<label style="text-decoration: underline" onclick="javascript:GetSelectedRow('<%# Eval("ID") %>','<%# Eval("systempath").ToString().Replace("'", @"\'"); %>','','',1);"><%#Eval("ID") %></label>
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Since you use single quotes around the ID, you'll need to escape and apostrophe:

var label = document.getElementById('<%=lbl_ID.ClientID.Replace("'", "\'") %>'); 
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