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I forked a GitHub repository called masteruser/reponame to myuser/reponame. When I looked at its page it said:

myuser/reponame, forked from masteruser/reponame

Another user forked masteruser/reponame to anotheruser/reponame, and it said:

anotheruser/reponame, forked from masteruser/reponame

So far, so good. Then masteruser deleted masteruser/reponame by mistake. GitHub admins were kind enough to restore masteruser/reponame after a couple of emails from masteruser, but now myuser/reponame says:

myuser/reponame, forked from anotheruser/reponame

This is problematic, because now anotheruser/reponame is the default destination for pull requests, and it's not comfortable to change it every time I open one. I guess that I could just delete my fork and create a new one, but is there a cleaner way to do it? I couldn't find anything relevant in the repo admin screen.


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I'd suggest one of two options:

  1. Delete your repo and re-fork the original one.
  2. Contact Github fellows and explain your situation to them. They'll probably help you.

I couldn't find any option in the Github settings for this.

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Well, for what it's worth, I contacted GitHub and they replied and suggested re-forking. It's really not a disaster, but I do hope that they'll make it more robust some day. –  Amir E. Aharoni Dec 4 '12 at 7:37

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