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I just want to jump to from one function to the next in .c/.cpp files. How do I do that?

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I believe you are looking for ]] which jumps to the next { char on the first column.

There are similar options, just try :help ]] for more information.

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Regarding the use of [[ and ]], note the following from motion.txt in the vim docs:

If your '{' or '}' are not in the first column, and you would like to use "[["
and "]]" anyway, try these mappings:
   :map [[ ?{w99[{
   :map ][ /}b99]}
   :map ]] j0[[%/{
   :map [] k$][%?}
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Take a look at exuberant-ctags it works with Emacs, and your "vim" thing ;-)

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