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I am looking for online RESTful Web Service Demo and not good examples of RESTful API.

Are the following links the only available demos?

  1. http://mooshup.com/mashup.jsp?author=keith&mashup=RESTDemo (REST and WSDL 2.0 Discussion continues)

  2. http://www.thomas-bayer.com/rest-demo.htm

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You might want to check out the Amazon S3 REST API.

As an example directly from the S3 documentation, the following would be a request to delete the puppy.jpg file from the mybucket bucket:

DELETE /puppy.jpg HTTP/1.1
        User-Agent: dotnet
        Host: mybucket.s3.amazonaws.com
        Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2008 21:20:27 +0000
        x-amz-date: Tue, 15 Jan 2008 21:20:27 +0000
        Authorization: AWS 0PN5J17HBGZHT7JJ3X82:k3nL7gH3+PadhTEVn5EXAMPLE

You would have to create an AWS account if you do not have one. It will not only serve as an online demo, but will also be a very practical exercise.

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Here is an experimental one that provides access to the MSDN documentation. I'm not sure how much work has been done on in the last couple of years, but it is a good example of using XHTML as an API format.

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You may take a look at an implementation of the RESTful AtomPub protocol by WordPress.com. You have to have an account to do something useful. The AtomPub service document is located at:

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I am working on a show case that will also include a demo implementation within a couple of weeks. It is still growing but you can start reading and perhaps check back in a week or so:

http://www.nordsc.com/blog/?cat=13 (read bottom to top)


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You might want to take a look here: http://www.thomas-bayer.com/sqlrest/ found it on this SO question

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