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Possible Duplicate:
Finding the PHP File (at run time) where a Class was Defined

I am working with a server that someone else (currently unavailable) set up. I am trying to locate the source of a class that apache (or something else) is preloading so that I can update the source code to the correct version of the class. Running this:

<?php echo class_exists('className')? "yes": "no"; ?>

(as the entire php file) prints out yes. How do I find out what file that class is coming from? I've grepped the server and have a long list of files that it COULD be, but would rather just know which file I need to change without doing a lot of guess and check. Is there function that will tell me the file with the source code for that class name?


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Check the include path(s) to see which directories are relevant.


Use Reflection class to get the actual file

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thanks, it appears as though the server admin installed it as a PHP extension – baiano Nov 26 '12 at 23:36
$r = new ReflectionClass('YourClassName');
echo $r->getFileName();

See the documentation page for the reflection class at

Per the documentation, classes defined by PHP core (or extension) cause the getFileName() method to return FALSE.

if ($r->getFileName() === FALSE) {echo 'Defined by PHP';}
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