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i hace a class named "Conexion" an i keep all the info of my app there, what i want its to save the object of the class to a file when the user presses the windows key, but the app crashes because it says the obect "delegado" has a problem reflecting his type. The type of this object is "PhoneApplicationPage" , it seems it cannot be serialized. The object keeps track of what page did the request.

so im requesting your help to see if theres a solution, that doesn make me redo the app, because i dont have time.

heres the code of the methods i use to save and load the data.

public void save() {

            IsolatedStorageFile storage = IsolatedStorageFile.GetUserStoreForApplication();
            IsolatedStorageFileStream stream = storage.CreateFile(fileName);
            DateTime currTime = DateTime.Now;
            this.timeOff = currTime.ToString();
            XmlSerializer xml = new XmlSerializer(this.GetType());
            xml.Serialize(stream, this);

 public Conexion load() {

        IsolatedStorageFile storage = IsolatedStorageFile.GetUserStoreForApplication();
        Conexion conn;

        if (storage.FileExists(fileName))
            IsolatedStorageFileStream stream = storage.OpenFile(fileName, System.IO.FileMode.Open);
            XmlSerializer xml = new XmlSerializer(typeof(Conexion));
            conn = xml.Deserialize(stream) as Conexion;
            DateTime currTime = DateTime.Now;
            DateTime checkTime = DateTime.Parse(timeOff).AddMinutes(lapso);
            if (DateTime.Compare(checkTime, currTime) >= 0)
                Console.WriteLine("sesion valida");
            else {
            conn= new Conexion();
        return conn;

thanks in advance


Well ignoring the object "delegado" stopped the app from crashing, but now , when i load the info , the object cannot be deserialized , it seems it marks 2 details in the same error:

There is an error in XML document (2, 2).
Conexion cannot be serialized because it does not have a parameterless constructor.

but the class does have a parameterless constructor.

any idea?

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Could you provide the full Conexion class in your question? –  Layoric Nov 27 '12 at 0:14

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You could use the [XmlIgnore] attribute against the objects that won't serialize (chances are you don't want to serialize the entire XAML page.

Place this attribute above a property in your Conexion class. Eg,

public class Conexion
    public string MyPropertyToSerialize { get;set; }

    public string MyPropertyToIgnore { get;set; }

Hope that helps.

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thanks that stopped the app from crashing, but now i cant deserialize the object –  Ccortina Nov 26 '12 at 23:58

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