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I normally use matlab GUI for programming and it has very nice code folding features, such as the following:

    %% This is one chunk of code I can fold just because I am using the %% comment format.
    matrix = [1 2 3; 4 5 6];
    vector = [1 2];
    ax = vector*matrix;

    %% This is another chunk of code I can fold because I am using the %% comment format.
    matrix2 = [7 8 9; 10 11 12];
    vector2 = [7 8];
    ax2 = vector2*matrix2;

As mentioned in the matlab code, the %% comment will immediatly give the matlab GUI the folding option and a plus/minus sign for unfolding/folding will appear on that line with the comment visible.

Is it anyway to achieve such formatting in rstudio or a good R gui?

I'd like to have the plus/minus feature, and the fact that the first line comment is visible so I can know what's in the folded chunk of code.


Photos of the GUI minus/plus unfolded/folded attached bellow:

minus folding plus folding

When I try the same approach in RStudio, seems that the only option is edit -> folding collapse/expand but it hides the comments, and its not as automatable as the %% feature. In my case is more of a problem because I use X11 so I do not want to have to go to edit -> folding... all the time, but rather automate as in matlab using %%.

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Have you seen the code folding section of the RStudio documentation? Everything you ask for is described therein.

To directly quote the most relevant section of the documentation, you can create a code section on any comment line by including at least four trailing dashes (-), equal signs (=), or pound signs (#) automatically creates a code section.

If that wasn't clear enough, maybe we can learn by example:

 # Section One ---------------------------------

 # Section Two =================================

 ### Section Three ############################# 

To illustrate that this actually works further, please examine the following two screenshots. If you are getting something different, I suggest you update RStudio and then follow up directly with the good folks at RStudio:

Expanded: enter image description here

Collapsed:enter image description here

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yes but it does not seem to behave the same way as matlab does, I haven't been able to see a plus/minus or show the comments. –  Dnaiel Nov 27 '12 at 1:04
@Dnaiel - re: your first question - RStudio seems to use arrows to denote whether the code chunk is expanded or collapsed. The comments on the first line are visible regardless on my version of RStudio. Re: your second question, if you take 3 minutes to read the documentation, I think you'll see that it is very well thought out, logical, and directly answers your questions. I see no point whatsoever in duplicating the efforts of others when they answer your question...since the Internet is a big place, it's entirely possible you hadn't come across that yet...sorry to offend your sensibilities. –  Chase Nov 27 '12 at 1:08
@Dnaiel You were quite abrasive in your response and I was quite put off by how you were treating Chase. On a more related topic note that you need to have at least 4 trailing characters for the folding section to be created. (ie # Section 1 #### would work but # Section 1 ### wouldn't create a folding section) –  Dason Nov 27 '12 at 1:23
@Dnaiel - see my updated answer. Your specific question seems to be 1) use four trailing -, #, or = to denote a code section. 2) Instead of a plus and minus sign, code sections are denoted by a right or down arrow. 3) Comments are visible on the top line regardless of whether the code section is expanded or not...if you don't have this behavior - upgrade your version of RStudio or log a support ticket with them. 4) Be less angry, people do this for free. –  Chase Nov 27 '12 at 1:23
@chase Thanks Chase, and sorry about jumping out with such a negative and unhelpful attack. The confusion was because I got negative points and thought chase was being not trying to answer the Q but rather being ironic, it's my completely fault and I sincerely apologize to both, Dason and Chase. –  Dnaiel Nov 27 '12 at 1:26

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